Gianin born from magic that exists in obstinacy about achieve dreams.

Brand lighted by angels in heaven, is known for its artistic style, quality and limited edition lines.

Designs independently and awake talent.

Inspired by epicurean nice dress personalities.

Responsible for customizing the avatar and designed by the most faithful delight.

Created to reflect the soul and emphasize your originality.

Gianin is linked to a public exquisite emancipated trade patterns.

With it girls, Modactivos Celebrities and common sense.

Powerful to simply recreate ...

Seeing that fashion is raw,

A piece of art.




GIANIN'S history  



I met Tinker Bell.

She lived in real world, about everything around us. He was not only in the stories as we had been led to believe. Its size was top and kept it girl reflection of magic and color ever again.

Beautiful and innocent charm me with her fairy dust when I met on the magical Ibiza island. There found, without waiting for someone rescued my heart, appeared by surprise on my way, beginning ... everything!

It was three years of love, games, personality studies, to experience the soul and feelings.

Three intense years know each other, time emotions, travel, dreams. To share what made ​​us grow, evolve, feel.

In one of these shared surprises, bell up with some custom boxes fabrics, buttons and beads, created with magic and creativity. So original, special and sensitive like her.

One day on his birthday as well birthday bell in the real world. I chose their gift from the heart, do not look a label, or any amount, I ignored nothing other than those pictures. Select several fur, fabric, lace, buttons, rivets, and some swarovski stones. Also opt for some basic hats to customize as needed trying to hide the hair I let it grow. I asked him to create. That will customize the pieces that should hide my hairstyle.

Those pictures shouted Laura is a creative angel! I wished for it and that would require imagination. It was a chance to keep playing as adults, design together in the kitchen, in the loft or in the studio, but as always, everything together. He wanted to keep dreaming their magic every day.

He knew his reply was yet sure but would love my gift, and if it was not?

Liked it?

What will you experience?

I found the way you feel especially loved?

Christian Nin




A dream from start to infinity ...

Christian ... A perfect alluring every woman would want to have in your life, flitting crossed mine.

Nailing his deep eyes and baring his noble heart with unsurpassed experiences.

His surprise this time is exceeded, a gift to be Barbie designer?

A smug girl who would not like to shake hands the boy of her dreams and a journey through the world of fashion?

A wise man of creative genius, get that every day is like the first.

The pages of our book is written and give way to fulfill a dream less.

It tests my imagination, invites me to merge our minds, making magic outbreak in our designs.

Feelings that create and give life to Gianin, making dreams come true.

Do not give up on love as if you wish you can, you just have to want it with heart.

And then you get all that acariciáis Gianin with the soul.

You follow and share our universe, you appear unexpectedly. And the dream, magic, games, become the evolutionary design in the project, signing on years in fashion and work recognized.

As only you have desired to be.

Confirming that the most beautiful things are those that can not help.

Strengthening a philosophy: As long love dream as you can get.

It requires your imagination!

Laura Morata




Meaning of name brand GIANIN



The name of the company you chose Gianin its two founders and designers.

Laura Morata chose the first half of the name: GIA, which arises from the termination of the word magic.

The second half of the name of the firm: NIN, is the name of the beloved brother of the founder Christian Nin.